Playing with my new toy

I guess the first, and very obvious, step to learning about photography is to get to know your camera. The aim is to be able to tell your camera what to do. Trust me, your camera will want to call all the shots if you leave it on auto mode.

So get in there. Have a play. You will be surprised by how much you learn.

For example, I learnt how to take pretentious black and white photos. I even threw in a little sepia to really get my indie on.


A rose. Enjoy its…rosy-ness.


A boyfriend. Sitting on some steps. Looking old school because it's sepia tone. Yeah!

The point here is that they may be crap but I did learn something. Am I pretentious enough yet?

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The day I got my camera

As you can imagine, when I first got my camera I was a bit snap-happy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Photography is like writing when it comes to practice. You need to write a lot to get better. Well, you need to shoot a lot to eventually take better photos. The problem with my snap-happiness is it was all point and shoot. Not a lot of thought when into any of these. And so I ended up with…

...a plant


... a bird. On a wire.

You may also enjoy:

A tree.

A smelly, dirty, loser gnome.


This tree has no significance whatsoever.

I did manage to not fill the frame with it. We will get to what that is later.




This is not a terrible photo but would have been better if the camera was looking up. It is a terrible gnome though. I don’t know who the Essendon supporter is in my apartment block but I am strongly considering kidnapping their gnome on the ANZAC Day match.

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Welcome to my quarter-life-crisis

Testing…testing…is this thing on?

Recently I turned 25 and realised I kinda skipped that phase of your life where you take up ‘arty’ hobbies and wear clothes from Op Shops. Really, I missed that phase of my life.  I always assumed there would be a period in my early 20’s where decoupage would be my new interest and wearing someone’s musty old woollen jumper would be the cool thing to do.

I just never quite got there.

But here I am…once again coming a little late to the party.

So with 25 came photography. And now a blog about someone trying to learn to take a decent photograph while having a quarter-life-crisis. There will be photos, tips and a little humour (didn’t you notice the hilarious first line?).

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