I’m an arty hipster.

Now that I kinda, sorta know how to use my camera, I’m on to composition. Or as I like to call it ‘being arty.’

I went for a wander to get a bunch of shots where I was actually being a dick thinking about the composition (as well as everything else. Doesn’t photography just make your head explode?) and what the picture was ‘saying.’

Turns out I am miles ahead of myself and can’t actually take the ‘arty’ bit seriously yet. But I’m working on my straight face.

Depth of field exercise. Couldn’t really get the flower to say anything. It was being really¬†uncooperative.

Bad, bad cigarettes.

I thought this might express how dirty smoking is. Turns out it’s just a crappy photo.

Or maybe the message is ‘Don’t Litter!’ Hmm?

Ok, so I’ve made a few jokes at the expense of serious photography but I do like the picture below. Just because it looks pretty. Perhaps there doesn’t always need to be something else going on.


About Photo Rookie

Once upon a time there was a girl who was into writing. Then she turned 25, had a quarter life crisis and took up photography. Now she wants to share the ups and downs of her photographed world with you. The girl hopes you will be entertained but can't promise you will learn anything.
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