I’m on a bus!

As part of my photography class we have to go on excursions and take as many decent pictures as we can.

This one was a Twilight Poetry Bus. That means enjoying poems in the evening. Not listening to poems about glittery vampires.

The big challenge here was the lighting. As you will soon work out, flash can be your worst enemy. That meant it was a no-go for this event. When it got darker we were all struggling to play with our settings to get the most amount of light we could. Some of the pictures were a bit of a train wreck, but there were some goodies too.

This picture would have been better as a horizontal shot to get more in the frame. It doesn’t give us any context of location.



It was fun taking moody pictures when it got dark. Just got to do the sharpening thing in Photoshop. Actually, just got to stop hyperventilating every time I open Photoshop and realise it is beyond me.

People loving poems.


I wish I had of taken a picture of the location minus people because it was just a grimy, crummy jetty in the western suburbs.

This picture totally transformed it. The right lighting can make all the difference.


About Photo Rookie

Once upon a time there was a girl who was into writing. Then she turned 25, had a quarter life crisis and took up photography. Now she wants to share the ups and downs of her photographed world with you. The girl hopes you will be entertained but can't promise you will learn anything.
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