Birthday Adventure

After much fretting and starting my quarter-life-crisis early, the big 2-5 finally rolled around. The Beard was being very understanding of his suddenly fragile (crazy) girlfriend so he took me to Fairy Park to recapture my youth.

We had just started playing around with ISO, aperture and shutter speed in class so this was a good chance for me to have a go at seeing if I understood the old exposure triangle.

A wizard!

The sky looks cool in this picture but I’m still not getting the ‘fill your frame‘ thing. Because the wizard is my subject I should have got up close and got a vertical shot. The angle would have been good if I was looking up at it too.


The Beanstalk

This is a bit better because of the angle, and the sky looks good, but again, I should have got up close to fill the frame.

The Frog Prince

This was my attempt at playing with a high shutter speed. I wanted to freeze the motion of the water.


My first landscape

Now this one was my pride and joy of the day. Ahh, the serenity.


About Photo Rookie

Once upon a time there was a girl who was into writing. Then she turned 25, had a quarter life crisis and took up photography. Now she wants to share the ups and downs of her photographed world with you. The girl hopes you will be entertained but can't promise you will learn anything.
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