Playing with my new toy

I guess the first, and very obvious, step to learning about photography is to get to know your camera. The aim is to be able to tell your camera what to do. Trust me, your camera will want to call all the shots if you leave it on auto mode.

So get in there. Have a play. You will be surprised by how much you learn.

For example, I learnt how to take pretentious black and white photos. I even threw in a little sepia to really get my indie on.


A rose. Enjoy its…rosy-ness.


A boyfriend. Sitting on some steps. Looking old school because it's sepia tone. Yeah!

The point here is that they may be crap but I did learn something. Am I pretentious enough yet?

About Photo Rookie

Once upon a time there was a girl who was into writing. Then she turned 25, had a quarter life crisis and took up photography. Now she wants to share the ups and downs of her photographed world with you. The girl hopes you will be entertained but can't promise you will learn anything.
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