Random goings on

Took another wander to get some more shots. I’m going to have to start branching out before my neighbours all start wonder who the creepy kid with the camera is. Or I could just walk further, but let’s not get too excited.

Man VS the environment? I think that works.

It’s a tree that looks like a giant, wrong-coloured pineapple. Great!

I’m a creep! Getting my Peeping Tom on was surprisingly fun. Got to have a bit of a play with framing, all while not getting arrested. Impressive!

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I’m an arty hipster.

Now that I kinda, sorta know how to use my camera, I’m on to composition. Or as I like to call it ‘being arty.’

I went for a wander to get a bunch of shots where I was actually being a dick thinking about the composition (as well as everything else. Doesn’t photography just make your head explode?) and what the picture was ‘saying.’

Turns out I am miles ahead of myself and can’t actually take the ‘arty’ bit seriously yet. But I’m working on my straight face.

Depth of field exercise. Couldn’t really get the flower to say anything. It was being really uncooperative.

Bad, bad cigarettes.

I thought this might express how dirty smoking is. Turns out it’s just a crappy photo.

Or maybe the message is ‘Don’t Litter!’ Hmm?

Ok, so I’ve made a few jokes at the expense of serious photography but I do like the picture below. Just because it looks pretty. Perhaps there doesn’t always need to be something else going on.

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I’m on a bus!

As part of my photography class we have to go on excursions and take as many decent pictures as we can.

This one was a Twilight Poetry Bus. That means enjoying poems in the evening. Not listening to poems about glittery vampires.

The big challenge here was the lighting. As you will soon work out, flash can be your worst enemy. That meant it was a no-go for this event. When it got darker we were all struggling to play with our settings to get the most amount of light we could. Some of the pictures were a bit of a train wreck, but there were some goodies too.

This picture would have been better as a horizontal shot to get more in the frame. It doesn’t give us any context of location.



It was fun taking moody pictures when it got dark. Just got to do the sharpening thing in Photoshop. Actually, just got to stop hyperventilating every time I open Photoshop and realise it is beyond me.

People loving poems.


I wish I had of taken a picture of the location minus people because it was just a grimy, crummy jetty in the western suburbs.

This picture totally transformed it. The right lighting can make all the difference.

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Birthday Adventure

After much fretting and starting my quarter-life-crisis early, the big 2-5 finally rolled around. The Beard was being very understanding of his suddenly fragile (crazy) girlfriend so he took me to Fairy Park to recapture my youth.

We had just started playing around with ISO, aperture and shutter speed in class so this was a good chance for me to have a go at seeing if I understood the old exposure triangle.

A wizard!

The sky looks cool in this picture but I’m still not getting the ‘fill your frame‘ thing. Because the wizard is my subject I should have got up close and got a vertical shot. The angle would have been good if I was looking up at it too.


The Beanstalk

This is a bit better because of the angle, and the sky looks good, but again, I should have got up close to fill the frame.

The Frog Prince

This was my attempt at playing with a high shutter speed. I wanted to freeze the motion of the water.


My first landscape

Now this one was my pride and joy of the day. Ahh, the serenity.

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Photos in the park

I dragged The Beard (the name will make a lot of sense if you have been paying attention to previous posts) to the park one weekend recently. The pretense was to have a nice picnic date but I snuck my camera along.

Tip: If you need to be deceitful to have more time for photography then go right ahead. Your loved ones will be thankful when the day comes that you can Photoshop out those extra few winter kilos they gained five years ago.

Anyway, I wanted to share this accidentally awesome picture I took.

The water looks super cool. I need to adjust the highlights in Photoshop but that currently falls in the ‘too hard’ basket. That basket is also where you will find the sharpening of this photo. For a point and shoot I was very happy.

I will put up some more photos from the park, but you are welcome to pay them little attention due to the awesome-ness above.

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Getting intimate with my camera

I have reached the point where I actually want to know what I am doing when I pick up my camera. It is time to get intimate. Now is when you need to get hold of your camera’s manual and get right up in it. And that’s exactly what I did.

Look for White Balance. It’s the easiest of the manual settings to learn about. Adjusting the white balance will help you to get the colours right in your photos.

When you take a picture of the same subject with different white balance settings you will see things like this happening:

See the difference? The bottom shot has far too much magenta in it. The top colour is much cleaner. Figuring out white balance is as east as taking a few test shots.

The other good news is it will make you feel like a super smart photographer because it’s so simple to learn. Yep, that’s me, super smart photographer. Never mind the fact that I haven’t yet figured out Photoshop.

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When I discovered candles

Inevitably, I worked out candles can make pretty rad subjects.  I just haven’t worked out how to make them rad. They felt moody and deep. Unfortunately they looked kinda try-hard and crap.

But I tried.


So, so moody.

You will be glad to know I have some better work with candles coming up.

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